Sustainable Products & Solutions

We’ve widened our product and solution offering to help you on your sustainability journey without impacting performance or cost.


The C.A.R.E Collection

The C.A.R.E Collection is our award-winning* comprehensive range of conscious, affordable, responsible and ethical labels that significantly reduce our customers’ environmental impact without compromising the aesthetics or performance of the label or packaging it is replacing.

It is a culmination of inputs from our technical experts around the world, each feeding in their specific field of knowledge.

To reduce dependence and pressure on forests as a source of paper, in 2021, we introduced new alternative boards to the collection. The Sugar Cane, Crush Corn and Savile Row boards use recycled content and agricultural waste residue instead of 100% virgin fibres which significantly lowers a brand and retailer’s environmental impact.

*Retail Systems Sustainability Initiative of the Year 2020 Award.

Sustainability Technical Product Guide

Produced by our technical experts around the world, our Sustainability Technical Product Guide was created to help brands & retailers navigate the often unfamiliar transition towards sustainable development.

With this new resource, we are empowering our customers by providing science-led information to inform their decisions and directly aid them to reduce their impact on the environment.


Sustainability Consultancy
Offered as a free-to-utilise service, our team of sustainability experts are always happy to discuss your sustainability journey to help reduce your impact on the environment

Our free-to-use, award-winning product re-engineering solution makes sustainability accessible by creating sustainable labels and packaging without incurring drastic changes and breaking the bank.

LabelView™ simulation


At concept stage, Labelview™ offers multiple options for layout, quality, colour and sizing quickly (days instead of weeks) and reduces the number of physical samples required for final approval.

It is also great for simple range extensions when colours and quality have previously been established, as digital images can be approved instead of weaving physical samples.

As a result, it offers great environmental and sustainable benefits.

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