RFID Hardware

A range of RFID systems that work alongside RFID inlays and software.

Our RFID hardware supports stock counting, reduces theft & fraud, enables frictionless checkout and enhances customer experience.

RFID hardware systems come in all different shapes and sizes and is certainly not one type fits all.

We offer an extensive range of RFID hardware designed to support stock counting, anti-theft and enhance customer experience.

Inventory Accuracy
RobotsIntuitive Robots are mobile and autonomous RFID systems that automatically read inventory at any given time of day (even overnight!).
Overhead ReadersFixed positioned readers that provide real-time inventory of all tagged items located in a given space. They also offer perpetual counting and tracking of product movement throughout the store.
Handheld ReadersMobile inventory and encoding devices that can be deployed throughout the store to provide rapid and accurate counting.
Smart ShieldingUniversal electro-conductive base coating shields RFID UHF frequency electromagnetic fields to separate shop-floor and stock room inventory.
Customer Experience
Interactive Screens/
Magic Mirrors
A product recommendation and cross-selling system. The screens use RFID technology and an integrated touch screen to improve your customer’s shopping experience.
RFID reader for POS increases checkout speed and reduces queues at checkout.
SmartLiftA product recommendation and cross-selling system. By simply picking up a product from the shelf, customers have access to more information about the product to increase conversion rate.
Security GatesGates located at store exit detect the tagged items as they pass between the pedestals, verify if those items have been paid for and trigger an acoustic and/or visual alarm if any item has not been paid for. They are also a good theft deterent.
Security MatsOur security mats integrate four high-performance UHF RFID antennas inside a floor mat, for tracking people or objects.
Overhead Security
An alternative to Security Gates, Overhead Security Gates detect the tagged items passing below the antenna, verify if those items have been paid for, and trigger an acoustic and/or visual alarm if any item has not been paid for. In addition, they improve store aesthetics, by having a store entrance free from obstacles.

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