Promotional Swing Tickets

Projecting Brand Image and Identity

Making the right impression with your customer is key. A swing ticket is the book cover to your brand. It allows you to tell your garment’s story and create a connection with the shopper.

Why choose ITL


Global Capacity

Our global factories handle a wide variety of print solutions: including spot colour and CMYK as well as specialist finishes such as UV Varnishing, embossing, foiling and laminating


Complete range of

Including dyed ribbons, grosgrains, strings, cords and seals and can supply products ready strung for your convenience.


Quality Assured

Our offset production factories are ISO 12647 approved. We also operate under strict print quality guidelines including the use of the latest Spectrophotometers and digital colour management systems.


Product Engineering

Our experts can apply our patented product engineering solution intelligen™ to ensure your packaging performs properly, is cost effective and environmentally friendly.

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