Professional Services

Our in-house experts will guide your RFID deployment through piloting, ROI calculation and tag evaluation whilst ensuring an effective and efficient system integration

For a successful RFID deployment, working with a partner who can guide you through the process of evaluation, adoption and future-proofing your investment is essential.

With our suite of professional support services, we can help you determine if RFID is right for your business.

Why choose ITL



Our RFID advisors are always happy to offer training and support to ensure your RFID adoption is efficient and effective for maximum ROI.


Business Case and Proof of Concept

Understanding if adopting RFID is right for your business requires careful analysis and ROI case building. ITL can help you every step of the way and ensure that your final decision is the correct one.


System Integration

Successfully deploying RFID requires many components which can become complex and stressful. We remove this stress by ensuring all systems integrate and connect seamlessly with your IT function. You won’t even know we’re here!


Testing Services

We have stringent internal testing methodology to ensure all of our tags meet and exceed industry requirements. Our in-house tests allow us to compare different inlays and test on different substrates. We also test the tags in stores/environments similar to yours to provide real-life and accurate results.

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