ITL’s response to Coronavirus


ITL’s response to Coronavirus

To our customers,

We have all become aware of the spread and growing impact of the Coronavirus which is starting to affect all our lives in various ways. The World Health Organisation has declared it a global emergency following its initial impact and subsequent spread from China to a growing number of countries. The virus is affecting peoples’ lives, global markets and is having a profound impact on almost every business, community and how we live our daily lives. What makes the outbreak of this virus alarming is not only the tangible impact so far but all the uncertainty that surrounds it. As we are all in this together, we must all take responsibility and approach this situation in a sensible level-headed way and play our part in safeguarding both ourselves and those around us. ITL, as a global business and a responsible employer, has aligned itself with the World Health Organisation and similar organisations in determining and implementing the following practical steps towards making a positive contribution:

  1. Educating and guiding our employees on the impact of the Coronavirus and how best to safeguard and protect themselves
  2. Implementing a moratorium on all cross-border business travel; whilst also advising strongly against personal cross-border travel
  3. Encouraging frequent and thorough washing of hands with alcohol-based hand sanitiser or soap
  4. Advising against touching eyes, mouth and nose with ones’ hands
  5. Encouraging the maintenance of appropriate social distance and covering mouths and noses in the case of coughing or sneezing
  6. Regular and frequent monitoring and testing of our employees. In the case of relevant flu symptoms being detected; informing managers and staying away from work and getting diagnosed and quarantining if necessary
  7. Limiting face to face visits and contact with customers and suppliers, particularly with those who have travelled cross border
  8. Increasing use of technologies such as video conferencing and virtual product design and sampling to continue communicating working together both internally and with our customers and suppliers.
  9. Ensuring all our businesses have sufficient healthy staff and materials in place with appropriate contingency plans in place in the event of shutdown or detection of infection to be able to continue delivering excellent service to our customers
  10. Contacting our customers and suppliers regularly to inform them of our status and establishing theirs in terms of likely demand, our and their ability to supply our products and solutions on time

ITL and all its employees are committed to playing their part in preventing and curtailing the spread of this virus and its impact on our people, ITL, all our customers and suppliers. Pragmatic preventative steps backed by early detection and appropriate action working together are critical in ensuring that we all maintain our wellness. We continue to monitor the situation in all our businesses across the globe, and to be guided by the World Health Organisation and other relevant bodies; as there is some way to go before this virus and its impact is properly dealt with and all our lives can as far as possible return back to normal.

January 2021 update:
We are now working with the Covid 19 Safety System (SLSI 1672:2020)

  • We are committed to take all precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our employees.
  • We will identify and implement all necessary and appropriate measures to prevent the possibility of the spread of the virus amongst the employees of the company and all others we come into contact with in the conduct of our duties, without any adverse impact to the operations of the company.
  • This includes measures to contain and prevent the further spreading of the virus, in the event of a detection of an infection within the premises.
  • In identifying these measures, we will refer to and comply with the company control plan, specific legal and statuary provisions, Ministry of Health guidelines, existing standards and best practices.
  • We will act responsibly and be transparent with the measures taken and the results of our effort.
  • The company will continually improve the COVID-19 safety management system implemented.